Workshops for a tango-lovers group in Buenos Aires!

Become immersed in all aspects of Tango: the dance, the language and the music, in order to deepen youTangoSpanish Workshop in Buenos Airesr understanding of the history, culture and psychology that it represents. Join us for an in-depth look at the culture and history embedded in the lyrics of famous Tangos, then take excursions to experience the city through the lens of Tango.
TangoSpanish was invited to give daily intensive Spanish language and Argentine culture talks to a group of tango lovers visiting Buenos Aires.
The aim of the workshops was…. understanding so to chat in milongas but also having a deeper grasp of the Tango culture and its…
The place is a “lugar para que te sientas como en casa y puedas disfrutar del Tango y de Buenos Aires en todas sus dimensiones. En nuestro hotel serás recibido como un amigo, en un ambiente cálido y familiar.”