Workshops at 2008 New Zealand Tango Festival

TS bl New Zealand 2009Demian Gawianski was invited to participate in the New Zealand Tango Festival in Wellington to give his workshops on Tango history and culture.

He’s participating in the festival together with several maestros: María and Carlos Rivarola, Graciela González, Gisela Galeassi and Gaspar Godoy, Ivana Fleitas and Mauricio Cordoba, Fabio Robles and Ana Andre, Pedro and Sophia and the “El Caburé” orchestra.

Demian taught Spanish workshops for Tango dancers, tango steps and movement terms, what to say at a milonga for total beginners, lunfardo and the history of tango, and a special workshop translating the lyrics of the tango song Malena.

It was thrilling to participate in this festival, which is indeed the highlight of the year for tango in New Zealand. Demian was pleased to participate and share with the New Zealand tango community his passion through an in-depth sight to the Argentinean culture.