“Listening Inside the Dance”, a bilingual edition of Tango poems

“…and if this teeming Buenos Aires is no more than a dream made up by souls in a common act of magic” Jorge Luis Borges.

Elizabb-poem booketh Garber’s new collection of poems takes us into a vivid exploration of another year in Maine and begins with the piercing beauty of the landscape in fall and winter as the backdrop to an exploration of aging. These richly compelling poems explore friendships and family, love and loneliness, and the delight of each moment. At the cusp of spring, she and her fourteen-year-old daughter leave for Buenos Aires and her poems begin to trace with a vibrant poignancy a remarkable mother/daughter journey into Argentine Tango. This section of poems is skillfully translated by Demian Gawianski into the Spanish of Argentina to incorporate the sound and spirit of the city and the people Elizabeth Garber and her daughter meet and study with. The poems then tenderly follow the struggle to return to the isolation of Maine and to integrate what she’s learned into her life at home. The poems end with a magical summer week on an island and take us to a deeper listening into time and life. We emerge from this collection with a better understanding that our lives are a dance that we don’t want to miss.

The book was presented at café Tortoni in Buenos Aires in 2006, with the presence of its author, Elizabeth Garber, and its translator, Demian Gawianski.