This book is your passport for entering gracefully

into the magical worlds of Spanish and Tango!

  • A fun Spanish oral immersion to follow at your own pace
  • 1 CD with 12 beautifully performed Tangos you will learn to understand from the book
  • 1 CD with all texts, dialogues and exercises read by native speakers
  • An introduction to the dance under the guidance of Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa
  • Tango lyrics, history, lunfardo slang and other subtleties of the Argentine culture

What makes this book unique

  • Tango will make your learning process easy, fun and enriching
  • Through real situations the language and the city come to life
  • All in one! Coursebook, workbook, audio dialogues and music
  • Using the Spanish of Buenos Aires you can communicate with ANY Spanish speaker
  • Complete with an easy-to-use appendix highlighting the minor regional differences of Spanish

The book according to its readers

They have followed our online courses, studied with us in Buenos Aires and worked with our material.

“The Tango of Spanish” 2-DVD set

is the perfect live companion to our book

Take a look inside

Listen to the audio samples from the 2 CDs

Texts and Dialogues CD:

“A toda orquesta”

12 Tangos CD:

Tango “Malena”


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